V60 Brewing Guide: A Step by Step Process

By Evelina •  Updated: 07/07/21 •  7 min read
v60 brewing guide

The V60 coffee maker is a manual brewing process that is popular in the specialty coffee industry. It’s designed to brew a full pot of coffee in just four minutes. It’s so fast that it will make your heart stop with envy! It’s also one amazing but simple machine with impressive features.

If you’re curious about how to make coffee with this unique machine, have no fear! We’ve put together this handy guide to walk you through the process step by step.

The V60 method of coffee brewing is famous for the tulip shape of its cone dripper and uses a paper filter. This allows the coffee grounds to be in direct contact with hot water, resulting in a cup with a very clean tasting profile.

This method of brewing is called pour-over because hot water is poured over the coffee grounds to extract flavor and aroma. It’s a very popular method amongst the coffee-loving community because it allows you to exercise more control over the different variables of your brew.

The Process

Step 1

Place the filter in the brewer and pre-heat by filling the brewer with hot water. Pre-heating the filter and the carafe will help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process.

Step 2

Grind the coffee to a medium-fine grind. By doing this, you will be able to extract the most flavor out of the coffee. If you have a grinder at home, use it to grind the coffee. If not, find a specialty coffee shop and buy ground coffee beans. 

You can also grind your coffee beans without the help of a grinder.

Step 3

Make sure you use the right coffee to water ratio. For the V60 method, a ratio of 1:16 is ideal. Using a scale is the best way to ensure your ratio is right.

Step 4

Add the grounded coffee into the filter and start pouring the water into the carafe. Pour slowly using circular motions so that it fills the cone evenly.

Step 5

Wait for one minute, then give the coffee a quick stir of up to ten seconds to bring it to the correct temperature. This will help release the flavor from the coffee beans.

Step 6

Wait for the water to strain through the filter before removing it. This will give you the cleanest cup of coffee. If you are making multiple pots for more than one person, it is recommended to use a reusable filter or use a new filter after every brew.

Step 7

Remove the filter and serve your coffee! As you continue to use your V60 brewer, you will start to understand how the process works and will get better at brewing more consistently.

Best Coffee Brewing Practices

The quality of your coffee depends on the water you use and many other factors. Here are some tips to help you make the best coffee.

Water Temperature: The most important factor in brewing a great cup of coffee is getting your water temperature just right. To get the best results, start by heating filtered water to between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just below boiling point. Then, use an air pot or pour it into a thermal carafe to keep it hot and let it sit for about six minutes before using it for brewing.

Grind Size: Grind size is also very important when brewing coffee. Grind size should be medium-fine. If the beans are ground too fine, they will release too much-burnt flavor and if they are ground too coarsely, it will brew too quickly and extract a very weak cup of coffee.

Water quality: Most of what is inside your coffee cup are water, so it’s important to understand how it affects the flavor of your coffee. I would advise you to use bottled spring water or if you are using tap water, filter it beforehand. 

Roast Date: Most coffee bags should note the roast date on them. Mind you, this is not the best before date but the actual date the beans were roasted. Usually, it should be more than a month or two from the date you are buying them.

Grind Fresh: Grinding your coffee just before you brew it ensures you will get the best flavors and aromas out of it.

Use scales and timers: By using both scales and a timer you exercise control over the brewing process. For example, if your coffee does not taste as good as you would like you will know if you need to change something in the overall brewing time or amount of coffee you used. 


How long should a V60 take to brew?

The V60 takes about 4 minutes to brew a full pot of coffee. Its brewing speed tends to be slightly faster than most drip brewers.

What grind should I use for my V60?

The grind should be medium to fine. You will know that your grind is right if it looks like sugar when passed through a sieve. If the coffee passes through too easily, then it’s too fine.

How many cups can I expect to get from my V60?

This depends largely on the size of your carafe and how much coffee you like to use. With a standard carafe, you can get about two to three cups of coffee.

How do you clean a V60 brewer?

You can use some vinegar and hot water to clean your brewer. Once it has soaked, wash the brewer with hot, soapy water. The vinegar will help remove coffee stains while the hot water will rinse away all leftover residues.

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Is Hario V60 worth it?

The Hario V60 is a great option for those who are just getting into coffee and want to try a new technique. It’s also great if you like to brew smaller amounts of coffee or if you like one or two brewed cups at a time.

Last Thoughts

V60 is a great way to learn how to make coffee. All you need is hot water, ground coffee beans, a cone filter, and your V60 brewer.

The process takes only four minutes but the heat, aroma, and flavor of fresh coffee emerge throughout the entire brewing process. We suggest that you start with a single cup of coffee before you brew enough for you and your friends to drink!


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