Pour Over vs Drip Coffee: All The Differences

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Coffee lovers have two options: pour-over or drip coffee. Both can get you a great cup of coffee, but there are some differences between the brewing methods that might make one your preferred method over the other.

Pour over uses a cone-shaped filter and drips water onto it in order to extract flavor from ground coffee beans. Drip coffee is brewed by using an electric drip coffee maker, which is the easiest way to make a great cup!

So what’s better? Which do you prefer? Let’s go over the differences and find out!

The Pour Over

pour over vs drip coffee

Pour over is made by filtering hot water, dripped through coarsely ground coffee beans into a carafe or cup. The cone-shaped filter allows for even water flow over the whole bed of coffee grounds.

It helps to create richer, fuller flavors in your cup of coffee. This method is for people who wish to slow down and fully experience the art of making a classic cup of coffee.

What Is The Recommended Brewing Water Temperature for Pour Over?

The recommended temperature is around 195°F. This is the perfect water temperature to brew coffee without burning or scalding the grounds and causing a bitter taste.

To find this temperature, test it first with a thermometer. Place the tip of the thermometer in the water at the kettle and begin heating the water. If it reaches 195°F, you will know that’s the perfect temperature!

Brewing Time With The Pour Over Method

Pour-over takes more time than drip coffee does. It can take about three to four minutes to brew a cup of this delicious coffee, and the longer steeping time allows for a better flavor, making it well worth the wait!

Pour Over Grind Size

With the pour-over method, you’ll typically want to use a medium to coarse grind size. This will give you the best infusion of flavor with your water.

Taste of Coffee With Pour Over Method

Brewing coffee with the pour-over method results in a more full-flavored cup of coffee. The slow brew time and the even water flow through the grounds make it the perfect way to taste every flavor of your coffee.

Pour Over Price

Pour-over coffee makers are cheaper than automatic drip machines. At around $30-$40, you get a manual, yet reliable way to brew yourself an excellent cup of coffee.

Cleaning The Pour Over Coffee Maker

After each use, clean your pour-over coffee maker with a soft brush and run hot water through it. Then, let it air dry completely before storing. You can read our guide on pour-over coffee maker cleaning here!

Why Choose The Pour Over?

The pour-over is a great way to improve your barista skills while having an easy time cleaning up.

It provides a full-flavored cup of coffee that’s perfect for those who are looking for the manual brewing process, and it also doesn’t cost as much as other methods like espresso machines or automatic drip machines! It only takes 3-4 minutes to brew, and the results are quite fantastic!

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

pour over vs drip coffee

It’s time to learn how to make pour-over coffee! Here is what you’ll need you’ll need:

  1. Carafe (or cup)
  2. Coffee beans, ground coarsely
  3. Cone-shaped filter/filter paper
  4. Kettle to boil water
  5. A pour-over manual dripper such as V60 or Kalita Wave

First, prepare everything you’ll need. Use a grinder to grind your coffee beans coarsely before brewing.

Then, boil water in a kettle and place your cone-shaped filter on top of the cup or carafe.

Once your water is boiled, remove it from the heat and let it cool for about 30 seconds. You want the water to be around 195°F.

Next, pour the water over your coffee grounds in a circular motion until it goes through all of the grounds and into your cup or carafe.

It’s recommended to wait about 2 minutes after you pour the water through, just so all the coffee grounds have a chance to settle at the bottom of your cup or carafe.

After all, the water has been poured through, remove the filter, and enjoy!

The Automatic Drip Machine

The drip coffee machine is one of the most popular and easy ways to brew coffee in the world.

This is basically a brewing machine that can produce hot, fresh, and delicious cups of brewed coffee that anybody would enjoy. With an automatic drip machine, you can simply put ground coffee into a filter and hot water will then flow through it.

You can enjoy fresh and delicious coffee so easily, with an automatic machine that you don’t have to think about anything.

Brewing Time With The Automatic Drip Machine

The automatic drip machine makes coffee in under 2 minutes, which is much faster than making coffee with the pour-over method.

You just simply have to put the capsule into the machine, and it will do its job by pressing the brew button.

Grind Size For Automatic Drip Coffee Machines

The coffee grounds used with an automatic drip machine are usually medium grind. This ensures that your grinds will be able to infuse all the flavor of your coffee into the water, making the most out of it.

Because it’s not fully immersed in hot water for a long period of time like pour-over coffee, the flavor of your coffee will be gentler and milder.

Automatic Drip Machine Coffee Taste

Coffee brewed with an automatic machine is known to be more bold and bitter. You are able to fully extract the oils from your coffee beans, giving your cup of coffee that extra flavor.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it will always taste better than a pour-over brew! It’s really up to you what kind of flavor profile you enjoy, as well as the convenience of each kind of brewing method.

Automatic Drip Machine Price

An auto-drip machine can cost from $80 to $200. This is a good price for an automatic machine that can produce many cups of coffee in a very short time. However, it’s more expensive than the pour-over method.

Automatic Drip Machine Cleaning

Once you’re done with your automatic drip machine, it’s time to clean it! By cleaning your machine after each use, you can be sure to maintain the quality of its coffee and keep it running for a long time. Try cleaning all the removable parts with hot water and soap or vinegar.

Why Choose The Automatic Drip Machine?

If you are always in a hurry and want to make coffee quickly, the automatic drip machine is worth checking out.

Whether or not this new gadget fits into your lifestyle will depend on many factors including how much money you’re willing to spend on extras such as filters, pods, etc., whether you enjoy drinking bolder tasting coffees more than milder ones given that most machines produce a stronger brew by default and if convenience matters to you over taste when deciding where to buy beans from.

There’s no way around it-the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference!

How To Make Coffee With The Automatic Drip Machine

Now let’s have a look at how to make coffee with an automatic drip machine:

  1. Measure the desired amount of coffee grounds and place them in the filter
  2. Fill water to the desired water level and turn on your machine
  3. Press the brew button
  4. Remove the filter and discard the leftover grounds.
  5. Remove the mug and enjoy your coffee!


Is pour over coffee stronger than drip?

Yes, due to the slower and more thorough extraction, pour-over coffee is stronger than drip coffee. The entire grounds are soaked and most of the water will pass through the coffee bed. The slower extraction also allows more time for delicate aromas to emerge.

Is pour over coffee really better?

It really depends on your preference. Pour-over coffee is certainly stronger and more flavorful than drip, but some may prefer the milder flavor of drip coffee for its ease or convenience.

Is Pour over worth it?

Yes, if you want to improve your barista skills, appreciate coffee more and have the time for it. It is a very enjoyable process to watch the liquid slowly pass through your coffee, and once you get into a routine with it, it’s very quick.

Is drip coffee stronger than espresso?

Espresso is usually stronger than drip coffee because espresso brewing involves a highly pressurized extraction of the coffee grounds, which often results in a thicker beverage.

How do you measure drip coffee?

You can use a scale to measure the number of coffee grounds you want. For beginners start with 10-15 grams of coffee per 6oz of water.

Last Thoughts

Pour-over coffee is a great way to improve your barista skills and make the best tasting cup of joe possible. But, it can take up more time than a drip coffee machine.

If you’re willing to invest in pour-over equipment or have an interest in making this type of brew at home, we’ve got some tips for how to do so!

Remember that with the drip method, you’ll need fewer ground beans per serving size.

At the end of the day, both methods are great ways to make your favorite coffee and there isn’t a right or wrong choice!

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