Moka Pot vs Espresso Machine: Which One Makes Better Coffee?

By Evelina •  Updated: 07/09/22 •  8 min read

The Best Answer:

The Moka Pot is known for its robust and intense creamy coffee, almost identical to the ordinary espresso, maybe a bit more sharp and caffeinated. It is a quick and easy machine to help you produce high-quality coffee. It has clear and easy instructions and anyone can control it in a few steps.

On the other hand, if you love the bitter and original nutty full of antioxidants espresso, the modern and easy espresso machine with either capsules or a lid, is a must-try! Its taste varies based on its roast processing.

For example, the lighter the roast, the bitter the coffee, maybe more sharp and rich with smoky tones, and as we roast it more and become darker, it’s sweeter and caramel iced with fewer caffeine levels.

They are both pretty simple to use, with similar coffee taste results, but they have clear differences! That’s why you are here in the right place to see that every machine has its own benefits and drawbacks.

We prepared for you a big list of the Moka pot and the Espresso machine to pick what is the best for your taste and wallet.

Since these 2 methods of production of espresso coffee are so diverse and easy, both of these are growing in popularity and should be considered! 

Stay tuned to see what these brewing styles have to teach you! 

Moka Pot And Espresso Machine Differences

DifferencesMoka PotEspresso Machine
Structure Traditional, elegant design and portable Heavy, Modern steel or Metallic style, Bigger than the moka pot and not easily portable
Water Temperature  Hot ~ MildHot water (190 °F)
Grind SizeMedium- Fine Thin and Fine
QuantityEach Brew ~ 80ml1 or 2 shots each time ( 40 ~ 60ml )
FlavorStrong, Acidic, Espresso-likeBitter, Earthy, Chocolate and citrus undertones
Time Brewing8 Minutes1 - 2 Minutes
Cleaning EasyNeeds A Guide For Proper Cleanup
Cost Inexpensive 7 ~ 30$Expensive 40 - 1000+ $
DesignSteel or AluminumMetal, Steel, Plastic (heavy)
Caffeine level/ per shot106 mg (more intense than espresso)30 mg (lighter) but depends on the roast, the darker the roast the less the caffeine and viva versa

The Moka Pot

moka pot vs espresso machine

Moka Pot Structure

The Moka pot is an excellent machine positioned in a heating pad that brews coffee by pressuring boiled water to travel via ground coffee in a steamy environment. Its easy method completes a sharp and creamy coffee in 8 minutes with its traditional Italian style that customs your kitchen nicely.

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Moka Pot Water Temperature

The water in the Moka Pot will start to become hot, by the time your stovetop is hot. The pressure will create steam from the flow of the air by the elevated level of the boiled water.

The water will become extremely heated ready to burst, so after the bubbles and the whistling of the Bialetti, you will have to lower the temperature, allowing the machine to rest for the serving.

Moka Pot And Grind Size

moka pots brew coffee

A moderately thin grind is required at this machine.

The best grind size for a Moka pot coffee is medium-fine, coarser than espresso grinds but slimmer than simple drip coffee makers. 

To make a fresh cup of coffee, grind the beans yourself for the best results! I buy whole bean coffee and grind it at home.

Moka Pot And Quantity

moka pot brew

The amount of coffee that a Moka pot can produce, has to do with the size of your Pot. There are numerous Bialetti sizes, that are separated into categories based on the water that they are capable of keeping.

The 6 Cup Moka Pot is the best for you and 5 other coffee lovers on a nice sunny day, with an aroma lasting all day long.

Moka Pot And Flavor

It yields a rich, strong, and delicious flavor. If you desire a robust buttery flavor with a long scent, this could be your personal “espresso” machine. 

It has a pleasant sharpness and seems and feels like a standard wet espresso. It has an intense bitterness and has mostly tart and grainy undertones.

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Moka Pot Caffeine

stovetop espresso machines

It is way stronger and more robust than 1 espresso shot. The caffeine level in 1 shot of Moka coffee (2 oz) is 106 mg which is pretty high and creates a rich body. 

Moka Pot Pros And Cons



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The Espresso Machine

modern espresso machines brew coffee

Espresso Machine Structure

Espresso is an Italian coffee style where a tiny portion of practically heating water is squeezed at 9–10 bars of pressure over fine ground coffee beans.

Espresso coffee may be brewed using a broad range of coffee beans and roast levels. In southern Europe, espresso is the most frequent method of brewing coffee. 

There are various types of coffee machines, the ones with capsules and the ones with ground coffee.

The espresso machine is heavy and fragile so it needs careful positioning and transferring.

It has hard textures and not many pieces or accessories, maybe a frother on the side!

Espresso Machine Temperature

an actual espresso machine

While making coffee with your favorite espresso maker, you either add a cold and specific amount of water in the section of water freely or a bit warm to prepare the machine.

The espresso machine itself will boil the water at 90 Celsius ( 194  °F ) so the boiling water can pass through the coffee grounds or either your capsules.

Espresso Machine And Grind Size

To make the ideal cup of espresso coffee choose a really fine grind for the Espresso coffee machine.

You can check here the best Italian Coffee Brands for your Espresso Machine!

The upper section usually has a round or square cover to insert your capsule or the bottom part from the inside to place your lid, after you added the correct amount of coffee grounds to press on and insert into the machine in a locking motion.

Espresso Machine And Quantity

brew espresso

Even if it creates small amounts of every shot, you can serve many people easily as it will take only 1 minute or 2 at every trial. It produces approximately 30-40 ml ( ~ 1,18oz ) each time and you can add hot water with a press of a button.

Of course, if you are not working with capsules, the lid and pressing techniques can be challenging, but with practice, you can master it easily!

It might take some time in the beginning but soon you can excel at this in under 2 minutes!

Espresso Machine And Flavor

The Espresso Machine is super easy with no basic instructions when it comes to capsules.

Well, those with the Lid, are a bit more complex but they create that crema and thickness of the coffee like in a professional coffee shop.

When brewed properly, the Espresso Machine produces an amazing, strong cup of coffee with bitterness, rich bodied, with caramel and chocolate notes and some nutty, grainy undertones. Some darker roasts are sweeter and flowery and some lighter roasts are robust and citrusy.

Espresso Machine Caffeine

Although espresso contains more caffeine than any other coffee drink, its overall caffeine amount is below any ordinary brewed coffee due to its small serving amount.

The caffeine concentration of every cup of coffee differs depending on size, bean location, roast process, and other aspects, but a normal 30-gram (1 ounce) cup of espresso includes 66 mg of caffeine. 

Espresso Machine Pros And Cons



Frequently Asked Questions

stovetop espresso maker

Is Moka Coffee As Strong As Espresso?

No, although Moka Pots brew powerful coffee, it’s not as close to Espresso machines. Newer espresso makers use 9 or 10 bars of pressure to produce espresso. Based on the equipment this is 8 times the pressure of a Moka pot. 

Is A Moka Pot Only For Espresso?

The Moka pot can only produce 2 bars at a time. It’s simply not even be considered pure espresso, while the outcome is clearly espresso-like. However, if you’d like to produce proper espresso, you’ll have an espresso maker.

Last Thoughts

I believe that this table and our blog informed you about these 2 incredible coffee machines! They are both easy, simple making and can make high-quality textured coffee and you can find a suitable price for sure.

Of course, the option is still yours to decide, based on your preferences. 

The Moka pot is for anyone that searches for a machine that’s simple and portable, that you can carry anywhere, including outdoor parties, to experience a cup that tastes exactly like espresso.

If you search for a high caffeinated coffee with robust elements and flowery and earthy undertones The Moka Pot is ideal.

If you need a nice caffeine boost in the morning, with sweeter and citrusy undertones and a thicker body, trust me the espresso is for you, especially if you are lazy and don’t want to be late for work or any activities scheduled!


Evelina’s passion for coffee could never been hidden. Having worked as a barista, she learned the true value of the coffee bean and its secrets. As she continued to evolve as a barista, so did her knowledge, techniques on making different coffee blends and most importantly how to operate every kind of gear when it comes to coffee. Having a degree in biomedicine and being a barista, allows her to provide our community with in-depth knowledge surrounding the topics of coffee.

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