Moka Pot vs Chemex: Which One To Choose?

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The Best Answer:

If you’re after something powerful and intense and therefore don’t mind some few coffee powders in the bottom, a Moka Pot could be worth a shot. It’s a thicker coffee like espresso.

But, if you like a neater cup that might possibly be less harsh and acidic, it’s lighter and sweet, a Chemex is a must-try! It’s usually a good idea to test out both choices prior to buying a product to help confirm your selection. They are both cheap and quick too!

Every brewing method is clearly distinct from the others, and each strategy has its own set of benefits and cons.

That is also completely personal, in what style you prefer, something stronger and acidic with the Moka pot, or lighter with the Chemex!

But what you really want to know is which of these is the best fit for yourself. Am I correct?

Because these two ways of producing are significantly unique both are gaining fame and are definitely worth considering! Continue reading to find out what different brewing techniques we have to show you!

Moka Pot vs Chemex: Differences

DifferencesMoka PotChemex
Structure Simple,quick and it looks really elegantDistinct due to the specific thick paper, which filters. Is much nicer and cleaner looking!
Water Temperature Really hot to mildWarm/ hot water
Grind sizeMedium or fine Medium to thick
Quantity Small portions per brewBig portions per brew
FlavorStrong,rich, robust, nutty tones, similar to espresso Super clean cup. Low bitterness. The taste is sweet and very pure with flower notes
Time BrewingLess than 8 mins3~4 minutes
CleaningEasy and carefulVery easy
Cost Inexpensive 7~25$More expressive than Moka Pot
Design Steel or aluminum (can’t break)Glass or plastic (a bit fragile)
Caffeine level/ per 1 shot106 mg (stronger than espresso)80mg (lighter)

The Moka Pot

Moka Pot vs Chemex

Moka Pot Structure

The Italian Moka pot is a cooktop or electrical coffee machine that makes coffee by forcing hot water over ground coffee that has been pressurized by steam. It creates a bitter and thicker coffee as it’s simple, quick and it looks really elegant and modern. Brewing coffee with the Moka pot is a great way to enjoy an espresso-like coffee.

Moka Pot Water Temperature

The water here is really heated! When the burner is hot, the pressure gradually rises to owe to both the movement of the contained air and the increased concentration gradient of the more heated water.

When the pressure inside is strong enough to drive the water up the spout via the coffee grinds, coffee would then start to flow.

After the water bursts, you have to lower the heat, so the fluid can chill a bit.

If your Moka pot is leaking check how to fix it here!

Moka Pot And Grind Size

The Moka pot prefers a medium-fine grind.

The optimal grind for a Moka pot coffee is moderate to medium-fine, rougher than espresso grounds, but thinner than the Chemex machine. To do this, use whole coffee beans and grind them yourself!

Moka Pot and Quantity

The quantity depends on the size of your Moka Pot. There are many sizes and the smaller Moka pot produces an amount similar to 1 good shot of espresso.

Two-cup Moka Pot is great once per individual, tiny ones produce nicer coffee, but if you drink coffee often, 2 cups are great to obtain that coffee sensation without drinking far too much coffee for the entire workday.

Moka Pot And Flavor

Moka Pot And Flavor

It produces a rich, robust, satisfying drink. This might be your home “espresso” machine if you want a strong coffee taste with a lasting aroma.

It has nice acidity and looks and tastes like a typical espresso. It has nutty and earthy tones too.

Moka Pot Caffeine

It’s a bit stronger than espresso for sure. The caffeine content in 1 shot of Moka coffee (2 oz) is 106 mg. The caffeine content in 1 shot of espresso (2 oz) is 94 mg.

Moka Pot Pros And Cons



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The Chemex

chemex coffee maker

Chemex Coffee Structure

Chemex is the best black coffee you can taste. It’s the smoothest, freshest quality black coffee you will ever have!

It’s distinct due to the obvious specific paper, which filters out a large portion of the oils.

When opposed to ordinary drip coffee, it is much nicer and cleaner looking!

Chemex Water Temperature

When making drip coffee with Chemex, you possess total management over the temperature of your water.

You can properly calculate this with a household thermometer or a bottle with a thermometer. It has typically warm to hot water.

Chemex And Grind Size

To brew the ultimate cup of coffee choose a medium-coarse grind with the Chemex coffee machine. The heavy filter can manage light, medium and dark roasts, so it truly comes down to individual choice.

Chemex And Quantity

You may easily generate plenty for several people at once with the Chemex. I’d suggest a filter/ drip brewer, whether it’s the Chemex or not.

Chemex And Flavor

The Chemex is a coffee maker that produces a pure cup of coffee. The coffee is velvety and clear of dust, from the tiny filters to the slick container.

When brewed properly, the Chemex yields a deep, strong cup of coffee with low bitterness and harshness. The taste is sweet and very pure with floral notes.

Chemex Caffeine

Chemex Coffee Brewer yields 30 ounces of coffee with around 80 mg of caffeine loaded into an 8-ounce cup of coffee. Remember 1 espresso shot is 1 ounce. So this makes a strong caffeine level.

Chemex Pros And Cons

Chemex Pros And Cons



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Frequently Asked Questions

Moka Pot vs Chemex - FAQs

Is Moka Pot Better than Chemex?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a coffee maker. The Chemex is a pour-over style brewer, while the Moka Pot is a stove-top espresso maker. If you want a richer, more intense cup of coffee, the Moka Pot is probably better. If you prefer a lighter, smoother cup of coffee, the Chemex is probably better.

Which Coffee Brewing process is Easier: Chemex or Moka Pot?

The Moka pot is definitely easier. All you do is fill the bottom chamber with water, put ground coffee in the middle chamber, and screw on the top. Put it on the stove and wait until the boiling water reaches the top of the chamber.

Last Thoughts

We hope this list and our article gave you an idea of these 2 amazing coffee devices! They are both inexpensive and super easy to use.

The choice is yours to make, of course, depending on your tastebuds.

The Moka pot is for you, if you need something easy and portable, you can take it everywhere even for camping to enjoy a cup really similar to espresso. If you are a fan of a strong cup of thick and nutty coffee, it’s for you.

On the other side, Chemex is a faster way of making a sweeter and floral cup of coffee in a really big quantity and is super easy to use!

Each of these machines creates a delicious coffee and will give you a nice caffeine boost! Coffee lovers enjoy!


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