Moka Pot vs AeroPress: The Ultimate Battle!

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You’re a fan of espresso-based coffee. You like going to coffee shops in search of the ultimate latte, along with stunning latte art.

Put it another way, you might give up the milk and drink the espresso straight up.

Although you might already have picked the right beans, the brewing process has a major effect on the flavor and intensity of your coffee.

Moka Pot vs the AeroPress

The standard Italian Moka pot vs AeroPress are two common at-home espresso-making devices, both fantastic choices with incredibly pleasant styles that will allow you to make an outstanding morning espresso.

We’re here to guide you to weigh the pros and cons of the two options and determine which is the better, more realistic solution for you and your cup of coffee.

We’ll take you throughout the process, going over each coffee maker in detail and then including a quick contrast. We’ve got benefits and disadvantages, as well as important aspects to know.

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What’s The Difference Between A Moka Pot And An AeroPress?

They can make excellent coffee and produce a beverage that is similar in quality to espresso, but still, the AeroPress produces a healthier cup at the cost of oils and texture.

But first, let’s see each machine in detail!

They’re both similarly priced (both cheap in my opinion) and have quick brewing periods. That’s almost all the connections they have, so the characteristics we haven’t covered yet are their distinctions. They really don’t have much in common, from the way they act to the way they brew.

Let’s get to meet them a little better first.

The Moka Pot

stovetop espresso maker

What is a Moka Pot?

The Moka Pot is an Italian product that is also very common in South America. It is called after the Yemeni region of Mocha. The initial copy, created by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, is built of aluminum with synthetic plastic grips, a classic design that is still favored nowadays.

How does a Moka Pot work?

Moka pots are a kind of coffee maker that is both elegant and functional. They’re percolators, which means they use steam to work. Load the bottom with water and the filter cup with thinly ground coffee.

Wait 4-6 minutes after placing the Moka pot on a stove burner. The base of the pot heats up, changing to steam and going through the ground coffee.

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The Moka is a gas stove coffee maker that brews coffee by actually passing boiling water over ground coffee and collecting the flavor by steam. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t spill over or burn! The trick is to control the heat (we suggest starting with low heat) and time.

Pros And Cons



How Long Should A Moka Pot Take?

The whole method will take no more than five minutes. Leave the lid open at this point to check that the coffee is extracting properly. Water can splutter gradually and steadily into the chamber as it is pushed up through the ground coffee.

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The AeroPress

Moka Pot vs Aeropress

What is An AeroPress?

The Aeropress is a more modern creation, the founder and owner of it, is Alan Adler, a technology teacher at Stanford University, who was inspired by his wife’s dislike for her watery drip coffee as well as how to fix it. After inventing the Aerobie flying circle, he set out to fix this, and the Aeropress was made.

How does AeroPress Work?

The Aeropress is a lightweight, handheld coffee maker that makes brewing coffee a pleasure. If you’re a frequent traveler or go camping, keep in mind that the Aeropress is small enough to brew on the go and is made of tough plastic. To create espresso, easily add (and press) the plunger until the water and coffee have created full pressure.

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Aeropress Coffee Brewing Process

This is a non-traditional brewing process that results in an espresso-like coffee. How does this actually work? Since parts of the espresso-making process are often used in Aeropress brewing!

This is done by allowing high-pressure water to circulate and enter into the coffee beans, where the coffee can be extracted.

Until stirring, baristas and coffee enthusiasts generally just let coffee grounds soak for half a minute. The mix is then pushed into the filter, allowing the coffee to leak out. It is, without a doubt, one of the most basic methods of coffee preparation currently available.

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How Much Coffee Does AeroPress Produce?

The AeroPress has an 8oz (250ml) fixed size, so it’s only just good for one hot cup of coffee. However, since it brews fast, 3-4 pressings poured into a coffee pot and finished off with hot water will serve a group.

How Does AeroPress Coffee Taste?

Since the paper filter prevents any oil or dust from entering the cup, Aeropress coffee has a clean flavor and well-developed flavor effects. The Aeropress is special in that it can be used to make coffee in two different ways. The Aeropress will also produce espresso-like coffee, very concentrated.

Is An AeroPress Worth To Buy?

When you’re on a budget, travel days, and would like to brew small amounts of filtered coffee, the AeroPress is a good option. This brewer is simple to operate and much simpler to wash. It’s also reliable, portable, and very cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is It Secure to Use AeroPress?

After July of 2014, all AeroPress sections, with the exception of the synthetic lock and paper filters, are being made from plastic. Both of the products used in the AeroPress are BPA-free and FDA and EU-approved to be used in food interaction.

Can I Make Espresso Using An AeroPress?

No, is the short answer. However, others say that AeroPress can produce espresso in the same way that a coffee maker can. However, both practically and theoretically, it is not the case.

To make a true traditional espresso you need an espresso machine that can create a lot of pressure (9 bars)

Is Aeropress Faster Than Moka Pot?

Yes, the whole brewing phase would take you less than one minute, and less than five minutes if you include the prep time (for example, heating water, and grinding beans). In comparison, the Moka pot can require at least 5 to 10 minutes to brew. If you’d like a better brew, wait a little longer.

Is the Moka Pot Less Expensive Than The AeroPress?

Actually no, they have similar prices. A really good one will cost you at least about $20-$30.

Is a Moka Pot or An AeroPress Quicker To Use?

Using a Moka Pot what you have to do is combine coffee and water in the Moka Pot chamber, place it on the stovetop, and heat until everything bubbles.

The same goes with an AeroPress, except you must press the air out of the machine to remove the coffee. So, are you ready for some arm exercise first thing in the morning?

Is Moka Coffee as Strong as Espresso?

That depends. The Aeropress is a brewer that can be used in many different ways and you can add different coffee doses to it depending on your taste.

The Moka Pot, on the other hand, comes in specific sizes and it depends on what kind of basket size you are using.

Between these two, sometimes you might make a stronger coffee with the Moka Pot, sometimes with the Aeropress, it all really lies on the size of your brewer and how you are using it.

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Is Aeropress Good for Espresso?

AeroPress for espresso

Actually, when Alan Adler invented the Aeropress, he was trying to create a new brewer other than the Moka Pot that could brew espresso without the use of an espresso machine.

So, that was the initial purpose of the AeroPress, to brew a good cup of espresso!

Many people these days use it to brew regular filter coffee but the Aeropress is also designed for espresso, so yes if you are thinking of using it to make a cup of espresso, go right ahead!

It is designed in such a way that it applies pressure by creating an air vacuum where the water is trapped together with the coffee. Pushing down on the plunger imitates the pressure of the espresso machine, even if not as intensely.

The Aeropress is definitely one of my favorite brewers and I often use it to make a good cup of espresso!

Is Aeropress Better than Moka?

That is a tricky question since we all have different preferences and taste buds when it comes to how we like our coffee.

However! What I can definitely assure you of is that the Aeropress is much more versatile than the Moka Pot.

The Moka Pot only has one use while the Aeropress can be used not only to brew a good cup of espresso but also a delicious cup of regular filter coffee.

Both brewers are great for camping and the outdoors but I would say the Aeropress is much easier to clean than the Moka Pot.

It all just depends on how you like your coffee and how much you want to immerse yourself in the process.

What Should I Buy (Moka Pot vs Aeropress)?

I recommend getting both because they are both very inexpensive as opposed to high-end coffee and espresso systems. Just now, I own a Moka pot and an AeroPress. Again, both are perfect for a great way to produce something that tastes like espresso but doesn’t need the purchase of a big, expensive espresso machine.

Last Thoughts

You should modify your style based on who you’re making coffee for since both the Aeropress and the Moka Pot come in various sizes. If you have a large family, we suggest at least the middle size; otherwise, the small will work.

You may also create a Latte using one of these ways warming milk and pressing it through a French Press to attach oxygen.

I think this guide should definitely help in making a choice between the two. In total, the Moka Pot produces a stronger brew, which is ideal for coffee fans, while the AeroPress produces a smoother, easier brew, which is ideal for first-time brewers.

To put the record straight! Don’t get me wrong.

To clarify, neither process is really superior for all coffee makers brew separately and use different techniques. To summarize, they are not exactly equal, but the winner is mainly chosen by personal choice. Both the Moka pot and the AeroPress are great ways to brew coffee.

It is all based on your own preferences! Coffee Lovers Enjoy!

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