Glass vs Stainless Steel French Press: Which One Fits For You?

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The Best Answer:

What you want to do with your French Press is entirely up to you. Glass French presses are attractive and have a sleek look, but they are more prone to breaking. Stainless steel French presses are also useful since they last longer, but they are not as elegant as glass presses.

The French Press is the most common way to brew coffee. This is mostly because it’s convenient and easy to use.

There are two major kinds of French Presses, one made out of glass and one out of stainless steel.

In this article, we will compare the glass and stainless steel French Press to help you decide which one is better.

The Glass French Press

Glass French Press is made out of durable, heat resistant glass. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking when brewing, unless it comes into direct impact with another surface, like the floor or counter top. It is also easy to clean because it can be washed in the dishwasher.

The design of the glass french press is also elegant and sleek. They look like art pieces that have been intended to be used for coffee. This makes it a great option for decorating your kitchen or table, as you can either put it on display or keep it out in the open for friends and family to see!

The glass French Press also has a high quality filter that can withstand any amount of coffee grounds.



The Stainless Steel French Press

Stainless steel French Presses are made out of stainless steel (obviously). This means that they can last longer and will be resistant to breaking.

They also look a lot like the original stovetop makers and boilers, so you will be able to achieve the same classic look. Some of these french presses also come with a smaller carafe for making just one cup of coffee or one serving of your favorite tea.

The two disadvantages the stainless steel model has is that it can be difficult to clean (because they are susceptible to stains and rusting) and you can’t see your brew.



The Ceramic and Plastic French Press

Aside from stainless steel and glass French Presses there are also some made of plastic or ceramic. Each has their own pros and cons, ceramic is more durable however you can shatter it if dropped or exposed to temperature changes. 

Plastic French Presses are lighter and easier to move around however they can stain and retain odors/flavors; ceramic has a clean taste and keeps the coffee hot for longer. 

Plastic French press should only be hand washed as opposed to ceramic which you can put in the dishwasher. You also do not have to worry about breaking ceramic as much as glass (which is quite fragile).

Ceramic French presses come with many different designs; there are those that feature an aesthetically pleasing pattern such as flowers or other patterns that look great on your kitchen countertop. 

Some ceramic ones even offer double walled which will keep your coffee hot much longer than a ceramic one that does not have this. These are great if you like to make more than one cup at a time.

Ceramic French press has some issues as well; ceramic is porous and can retain flavors, odors, and germs easier than plastic or stainless steel French presses (which are effectively non-porous). 

There’s also the fact ceramic is easy to break, it will shatter into pieces if broken; ceramic french press should be handled with care. 


You should never use ceramic ones on an electric range or place them in the microwave. If you’re looking for something safe to use around children then you should consider buying a glass French press instead!

Which One is Better for Your Coffee?

Glass French Presses are the way to go for making a strong, fragrant cup of coffee. They also have more elegance to them, making your kitchen or table more stylish.

Stainless Steel French Presses are good for people who want something sturdy, durable and classic.

Are French Presses Worth it?

Yes! They are a pretty cheap and easy to find. The only major difference between them is that glass ones can break easier than stainless ones.

Is French Coffee Strong?

This will depend on the coffee beans you use, but french coffee is generally a little stronger than regular drip coffee. You can always make it weaker by adding more water.

Can you use French Press grounds twice?

Yes, you can use the same grounds twice if you don’t mind the taste being a little stale, or if you like the flavor of stale coffee. You should definitely clean your coffee press out though before using it again.

What Material is Best for French Press?

A french press can be found in the market made by different materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel. But is one of them better than the rest? Well, I personally prefer a stainless steel French Press.

First, glass French presses are usually considered to be the best looking in terms of design. However, it lacks durability which makes it more vulnerable to cracks and chips when exposed to sudden temperature changes or accidental fall from a kitchen countertop. 

A broken ceramic french press suffers from the same problem as well as they both have a common material for their walls – clay. On top of that ceramic is heavy which can make it difficult to handle once filled with hot water and ground coffee beans inside. .

Stainless steel French press lack the aesthetic appeal of their glass counterparts but they are more durable, hygienic, shatterproof, easier to clean and maintain compared to other materials. 

Some of them also come with plastic outer shells that protect the stainless steel wall from scratches caused by sliding across kitchen surfaces when handling it while others don’t have any covering which is not an issue since you probably won’t be moving it around once placed on your stove top. 

Does The Type of French Press Make A Difference?

The type of French Press you decided to purchase will make a huge difference on how easy it is to use it, brew with it and clean it. First of all, French Presses come in different sizes, so make sure to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Then of course you have to consider the material it’s made from. They usually come in plastic, ceramic, glass and stainless steel. Plastic and stainless steel are not as visually pleasing but are definitely the more durable options.

Stainless steel also has the ability to keep your coffee hot for very long. Glass and ceramic can be quite heavy to use but are really easy on the eyes. However, they are also susceptible to damage.

It really just depends on what you’re looking for and what kind of functionality you want your French Press to have.

Are Plastic French Presses Safe?

Yes, but only if they are BPA-free. Plastic French Presses that contain bisphenol-A (BPA) pose a risk to human health, but there is no evidence of any associated health risks with BPA-free plastic French press pots and presses. 

BPA-free essentially means that  the French Press is made with materials that don’t contain BPA (some plastics can be manufactured without using BPA).

Last Thoughts

The French Press makes a strong, flavorful cup of coffee with little effort. If you want an elegant, easy to clean machine that makes a great brew, go with the glass. If you want something sturdy, durable and classic go with the stainless steel french press!

It’s up to you to decide what will fit your needs!

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