How to Make Espresso with Instant Coffee

By Evelina •  Updated: 05/12/22 •  7 min read

Who doesn’t love a bold cup of espresso first thing in the morning? It’s the perfect option to start your day right! Don’t worry, I know that some of you are not exactly early birds and you probably don’t like having to go out and buy your espresso from a coffee shop.

Well, what if I told you that you can make your own at home with ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard? All you need is instant coffee, a spoonful of sugar or honey, and a cup of boiling water.

In the following article, I am going to walk you through a few simple steps for making a delicious espresso with instant coffee that is perfect for your morning routine.

But first, let’s have a look at how an espresso compares to instant coffee.

What is Espresso?

espresso with instant coffee

Espresso is a concentrated coffee drink. It originated in Italy and is made from strong, dark roasted coffee beans that are ground finely to then be brewed at high pressure with hot water.

The espresso has a rich flavor due to the oils being extracted through the process of brewing it under pressure. However, unlike other forms of brewed coffee, espresso is made in a shorter amount of time.

Professional baristas in coffee shops use state-of-the-art espresso machines and grinders to brew a cup of espresso. Indeed, they follow a certain process, weighing and timing every shot to perfection.

However, these industrial coffee machines are very expensive for the average coffee drinker who simply wants a quick cup of coffee in the comfort of their own home early in the morning.

What is Instant Coffee?

espresso with instant coffee

Instant coffee is a form of brewed coffee that has been dehydrated and packaged in small, easy-to-use packets.

This type of coffee does not require boiling water or an espresso machine because it’s already ready to drink after the coffee has been added to hot water.

The caffeine content of instant coffees can vary from one brand to the next but it’s usually much weaker than the espresso.

Popular Instant Coffee Drinks

Instant coffee has a long history because it’s been around since the 1940s! The most common way people love enjoys it is by adding a lot of hot water, a splash of milk, and some sugar.

However, there are other popular drinks you can make with it such as Greek Frappé, dalgona coffee, iced mocha, Irish coffee, and more. The fact that it’s soluble makes it the perfect solution for whipping up coffee drinks but also other drinks with coffee flavoring.

Espresso vs Instant Coffee: The Differences

1. The first difference is the taste – espresso has a stronger, more intense flavor than instant coffee

2. Espresso also comes in different varieties such as Americano, cappuccino, and latte

3. The second difference is the process of making them – espresso requires a machine that forces hot water through finely-ground coffee beans at high pressure while instant coffee can be made with just boiling water and adding it to soluble grounds

4. Lastly, there’s the price point – an espresso will cost you around $5 but an instant cup of joe goes for less than $1 (depending on where you buy it)

How to Make Espresso with Instant Coffee

espresso with instant coffee

Making espresso with instant coffee is a great way to satisfy your craving for coffee without relying on expensive coffee shops or espresso machines. Here are the steps and the ingredients you need:

What You’ll Need

Step by Step Process

1)Place an instant coffee packet in a cup.

2)Add a little bit of boiling water to “bloom” the coffee grounds. This step is optional but will result in a richer flavor.

3)Add the rest of your boiling water after 30 seconds and stir until the coffee has dissolved. Add sugar/honey or milk if desired.

4)Sip on your delicious espresso!

Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Espresso with Instant Coffee at Home

The perfect cup of espresso can be difficult to achieve, but with a few easy tips, it is possible.

Firstly, you must start off by grinding the coffee beans yourself for maximum freshness.

Secondly, measure out your ground evenly and ensure that they are not too coarse- this ensures a perfectly balanced texture in the finished product!

Thirdly, if you have any milk on hand feel free to make froth at home using an immersion blender; otherwise just add some foam from one of those ready-made cartons into your drink before serving up.

The quality of the coffee beans you use will strongly impact how your espresso tastes, so are sure to buy high-quality beans and grind them before making your drink.

For those who want a richer flavor, try using dark roast instant coffee packets instead of regular roast ones for more oil extraction during brewing.

By following these simple tips anyone will soon be able to enjoy their own personal favorite type of caffeine boost anytime day or night!

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


Is instant coffee as strong as espresso?

No. Espresso is brewed at a higher pressure in order to extract the oils from the coffee beans and thus yields a stronger flavor.

Which coffee is better instant or filter?

Instant coffee is easier to make, but it’s also weaker in flavor and caffeine content. On the other hand, filter coffee allows more time for the oil to seep out of the coffee beans and into your cup, thus resulting in a stronger flavor.

However, which one of the two is better is entirely up to you and your personal taste. Some people love taking their time to brew filter coffee using different gear like the French Press and the Chemex, while others just want a quick cup of coffee without the hassle.

Which one has more caffeine instant or espresso?

A single shot of espresso is 30 ml and contains 63.6 mg. The same quantity of instant coffee however only contains 7.7 mg of caffeine. This is especially great for people who get hyper after drinking caffeine.

Remember the daily intake for a regular person is up to 400 mg but many people react differently to caffeine, so only consume as much as you are comfortable with.

Last Thoughts

If you’re not a coffee drinker or struggle to find time in your day for an espresso shot, this is the perfect solution.

The taste of instant coffee may take some getting used to but it’s worth it when you can save money and have a quick pick-me-up that won’t make you feel jittery.

We hope that you find this article helpful and enjoy your espresso!


Evelina’s passion for coffee could never been hidden. Having worked as a barista, she learned the true value of the coffee bean and its secrets. As she continued to evolve as a barista, so did her knowledge, techniques on making different coffee blends and most importantly how to operate every kind of gear when it comes to coffee. Having a degree in biomedicine and being a barista, allows her to provide our community with in-depth knowledge surrounding the topics of coffee.