Differences between Cold Brew and Americano

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The Best Answer:

We all know that cold brew coffee tastes robust and sweeter than cold Americano. The iced Americano has origins from espresso coffee, whereas, the cold brew coffee is soaked for longer, at least 12 hours with a different quantity of coffee beans.

Americano, either hot or cold, is bitter and earthy and is made by having two shots of espresso into a tall glass or cup, while loading ice water at the top (ice americano), or you add extra hot water as you would do for an espresso.

This summer has come, and it’s the time for you to taste the refreshing iced cold brew or the rich and earthy iced Americano.

These two types of coffee are my favorite for the beach days, under the hot sun, if you want something really refreshing, high in caffeine… Υou should check these two famous iced coffee drinks that a lot of people love in their everyday routine!

They both have their beautiful traits and you can see by yourself, what suits you better or if you haven’t tried any of these…  This is the time to get an idea of what the taste would be!

Let’s find out and compare, the choice is yours.         

Cold Brew vs Americano List of Differences

DifferencesCold BrewAmericano
TasteLess bitter, sweet, silky velvety, watery refreshing, light, less intense, rich bodythick, creamy, robust bitter, earthy, smoky grainy, caramelized
ExtractionCoffee immersed into Coldwater for 24 hoursTwo or three espresso shots with cold water and ice cubes or extra hot water
Prep Time14 to 24 hoursUnder three minutes
LifespanUp to one monthOnly one day
Caffeine Level130 mg of caffeine level140 mg of caffeine level
CostCosts ranges from $25-$60 for a machine
A bit more expensive as it is made in an espresso machine ranging from $60-$300 for a machine
Grind SizeMedium to coarse coffee
Medium to find coffee grinds

The Cold Brew

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

As you saw from our latest articles, the cold brew method is soaking your beans into Cold water for 12 to 24 hours, to extract the flavor of the coffee that is inside.

Don’t forget to always check the coffee to water ratio, it must be correct so you can have the best result possible at home!

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The Taste of Cold Brew

The cold brew coffee has way less acidity and sour taste in the final drink, less than 70%, it has a sweet and smooth, silky flavor and it’s also really refreshing and rich.

Cold Brew Time of Extraction

For this method you have to soak your coffee beans into water for at least 16 hours.

That being said, it means that it needs just about a day to be prepared, but you can produce a lot of quantity, especially, for example in the soulhand cold brew coffee machine, you can add about 1.5 Liters of water to produce 1.5 Liters of coffee for your whole family and friends in just a day!

How Long Cold Brew Lasts

Cold brew coffee can stay to your fridge up to one month, it has the ability of keeping its taste vivid, smooth and refreshing for a long time if it’s preserved correctly in an airtight jar at your fridge at cool temperatures, away from sunlight.

That being said you can enjoy it for a month and more. You can save money for sure with this type of coffee!

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Cold Brew Caffeine Level

The cold brew coffee has approximately 130 mg of caffeine for a coffee that is soaked for almost 16 to 24 hours.


The Americano

What is The Americano Coffee?

Americano coffee can be enjoyed in two different ways.

Either cold: which is made by adding two or three espresso shots into a tall glass and adding your ice cubes with some cold water and mix.

 The second way is to be made hot: and it’s super easy.

 You just add your two espresso shots and extra hot water, as if making an espresso lungo, but with extra hot water!

The Taste of Americano Coffee

Americano coffee has the same taste as every espresso blend, depending on the roast level.

Remember, the darker the roast the bitter taste and it’s higher in caffeine too. It has earthy and grainy, smoky  tones and the darker roasts have more of a caramelized texture and mouthfeel.

 It’s bittersweet and intense, a bit more creamy and thick than the cold brew.      

Americano Time of Extraction

The Americano coffee it’s really quick and simple in preparation and procedure.

In under three minutes, you can have it in your cup as you brew your regular espresso.

All under three minutes!

How Long Americano Coffee Lasts

Just like a regular espresso coffee, it lasts less than a day.

You can keep it in your fridge for two or three hours, but you will expect it to be more watery or its taste will be degraded after a long period of time.

So, the sad part about this is that you cannot really preserve it for more than one day, like cold brew that can be kept for one month.

Americano Coffee Caffeine Level

The caffeine rate of a regular cup of iced Americano, made of two shots of espresso, makes approximately 140 mg of caffeine!

A little bit higher than the cold brew coffee caffeine level for sure. That’s why it’s taste is a bit more intense and thicker than the cold brew. 


The healthy similarity of Americano and cold brew coffee!

It is a fact that both of these types of coffee have no calories in them; they only contain antioxidants and magnesium and polyphenols, which are vital vitamins for our body.

By that being said, you can drink your daily cup of cold brew or Americano to burn fat and stay slim.

Of course, if you want to add some toppings like syrups, sugar, milk or creamers, they will contain the calories of what you added, but by themselves they are super healthy and will provide you with a balanced diet in your everyday life

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Can you make an Americano with Cold Brew?

Just because these two types of coffees are really different, in the way of processing and extracting the coffee, you cannot really make an Americano coffee with a cold brew machine.

Does cold brew have more caffeine than Americano?

The short answer is yes!

That’s because cold brew is stronger and the beans are soaked in water for a long time they extract more caffeine than the Americano, which is just like two espresso shots with more water.

That means that cold brew has way more caffeine than Americano even if it has a sweeter taste!

Why is Americano so Bitter?

Americano coffee is very similar to espresso coffee that we are all familiar with.

The bitter and strong taste of the espresso is vivid, that’s why the Americano has strong and bitter taste, it’s all because the method of extraction and the types of coffee beans that are used for the Americano, that  tend to be a bit sour, than any other kind.

That’s because espresso originally, is very bitter and earthy, it has significantly more smoky notes and grainy undertones.

If you’re trying to find a blend that is sweet enough for your Americano, try to find a darker roast, which is known for its sweeter flavor and lighter texture and aftertaste.

Last Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of cold brew versus Americano coffee to find out which suits you better and what is the best for you and your family and friends to try out and enjoy a hot summer day with your daily sip of caffeine kick!

For me, there is no winning coffee, because I enjoy both of these equally.


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