Bialetti Brikka vs Moka Express: Is There Any Difference?

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The Best Answer:

It really comes down to personal preference. Both are great coffee makers. We prefer the Bialetti Brikka because it makes a richer, creamier cup of coffee. But the Moka Express is definitely more popular and more well-known, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

Every morning, we all have that same routine of grabbing our favorite mug and pouring in the coffee to get us through the day.

But what are you using for your coffee? Would it be better to use a Bialetti Brikka or a Moka Express?

This blog post will compare these two Moka Pots to see what makes them different from one another.

The Moka Express

bialetti brikka vs moka express

The Moka Express is a stovetop espresso maker. Its first model was invented in Italy and is still made with the same Italian craftsmanship by Bialetti.

There are some great things about this coffee maker. One, it is easy to use and produces a rich coffee flavor with every cup. Two, it is very affordable compared to other expensive single-serve coffee makers.

This machine uses pressure from boiling water to force steam up through the bed of medium-finely ground coffee for maximum extraction of its flavor without losing any bitter notes.

How Many Cups Can You Make With The Moka Express?

bialetti moka express

There are many models for the Moka express which vary from 1 to 18 cups per brew. However, the most common machine that you will see in an average household is the 4 cup or 6 cup Moka Pot.

Brewing Speed

Brewing coffee with a Moka Express typically takes 4-6 minutes. Depending on how strong you like your coffee, you may want to adjust the brewing time accordingly. For a weaker cup of coffee, brew for 4 minutes, and for a stronger cup of coffee, brew for 6 minutes.

Moka pots are great because they produce rich and flavorful coffee without any fuss. So if you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to make delicious coffee at home, then consider investing in a Moka Express!

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Moka Express Coffee Flavor

The Moka express produces a strong, rich coffee flavor and aroma that most people prefer. The taste is typical of Italian espresso with some acidity to give it a great aftertaste.

In general, this machine makes a cup of coffee in the middle strength range. Some people have said that they are not accustomed to the higher level of acidity in their cups. But the acidity varies depending on how you ground your beans and what type of coffee beans you’re using to make it.

The only problem compared to a Bialetti Brikka is that your coffee might be watery sometimes. That’s why most people prefer to add more coffee grounds than recommended to thicken it up.

Also, if you never tasted an Italian-made coffee before, you might find it a bit too strong for your liking at first. But like any other coffee, the taste will eventually grow on you after several cups.

Cleaning The Moka Express

classic moka pot

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to clean your Moka Pot:

And there you have it! A sparkling clean Moka express that’s ready to be used!

Moka Express Portability

The Moka Express is small, compact, and lightweight. You can take it anywhere you want inside or outside of your home with no hassle at all. Its size makes it easier to store and takes less room in the kitchen.

Moka Express Price

A Classic Moka express costs around $30, which is quite affordable. If you want to have a better machine with more features, prices can go as high as $50. But you may not need these extra features to enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee, you can start low and scale up as you go to find what suits your taste.

Bialetti Moka Express Tips

1. Use the Right Coffee

The first tip is to use the right coffee. You want to use a coffee that is not too fine and not too coarse. The coffee should be ground specifically for a Moka Express. If you use a coffee that is too fine, the water will not be able to extract all of the flavors from the coffee grounds. This will result in a weak and watery cup of coffee.

On the other hand, if you use coffee that is too coarse, the water will extract too much flavor from the coffee grounds. This will result in a bitter and astringent cup of coffee.

The best way to find the perfect coffee grind for your Moka Express is to experiment with different grind sizes. Start with a medium-fine grind and adjust from there.

2. Use Fresh Coffee

The second tip is to use fresh coffee. You want to use coffee that was roasted within the last few weeks. Coffee that is too old will not have as much flavor. Additionally, you want to use coffee that was ground within the last few days. Coffee that is too old will start to lose its flavor.

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3. Preheat the Moka Express

The third tip is to preheat the Moka Express. This will help to ensure that the coffee is extracted evenly. To preheat the Moka Express, simply fill it with water and put it on the stove over medium heat. Once the water starts to boil, remove the Moka Express from the heat and let it sit for 30 seconds. This will allow the water to reach the ideal temperature for extracting coffee.

4. Use filtered water

The fourth tip is to use filtered water. This will help to ensure that your coffee does not have any weird flavors. If you do not have access to filtered water, you can also use bottled water.

5. Don’t overfill the Moka Express

The fifth tip is to not overfill the Moka Express. You want to fill the pot until the water reaches the level of the coffee filter. If you add too much water, it will take longer for the coffee to brew and the flavor will be diluted. Also, your Moka pot will start leaking and you don’t want any of that!

Why Choose The Moka Express?

The Moka Express is a great option for those who want to enjoy the taste of coffee, but not spend too much time or money on it. It’s easy to use and clean, while also being inexpensive.

Sure, you’ll have some watery cups of joe sometimes, but the Moka Express can make a great single cup of coffee when you need it!

The Bialetti Brikka

brikka coffee maker

The Bialetti Brikka is a newer version of the traditional Moka Express stovetop espresso maker. That means the Brikka uses the same brewing method as the express but is more convenient because it makes a perfect crema every time.

Using pressure from hot water to force steam up through coffee grounds. It will brew a flavorful cup of espresso and also filter out any oils, or sediments that can be present in the final cup.

How Many Cups Can You Make With The Bialetti Brikka?

The Bialetti Brikka unlike the Moka Express comes in only 2 sizes. The 2 Cup model and the 4 Cup model. It’s not the best option if you want to brew larger quantities of coffee, but it will still make enough for you and your guests.

Brikka Brewing Speed

Brewing In A Brikka is faster than the classic Moka Express. It makes 2 cups of coffee in only 2 minutes! And you can make 4 cups in just 3 minutes! That being said, if you are looking for a quick cup of coffee when you need it, the Brikka is perfect.

How’s The Flavor?

Flavor-wise, the Bialetti Brikka produces a unique flavor that you won’t find in other single-cup coffee makers.

The espresso makes tastes rich and strong, but not watery like the Moka Express version of espresso. The design allows you to experiment with the amount of flavor in your cup. You can change it depending on the beans you use and how much water you add.

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Cleaning The Bialetti Brikka

moka pot espresso machine cleaning tips

Cleaning The Brikka is also easy. Simply remove the part with the coffee grounds, and rinse it under running water.

You can also add in the dishwasher if you have one. Or just give it a good scrub with some soapy water.

Bialetti Brikka Portability

The Bialetti Brikka is also light and compact like the Moka Express, which makes it easier to store and carry. It will fit in the palm of your hand, and you can pack it for a camping trip if need be!

Brikka Price

The Classic Brikka costs and the 4 Cup model costs around $60. These are much pricier than other single-cup coffee makers, but you do get what you pay for.

Brikka has many unique features and brewing results that you can’t get from other coffee makers.

Why Choose The Bialetti Brikka?

Choose the Brikka if you want an authentic Italian espresso in a single cup. It’s also great for those who are willing to spend more money on a high-quality machine.

The Brikka has many features that you won’t find on other single-cup coffee makers. If you want to take your espresso brewing to the next level, this is a great choice for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

bialetti brikka vs moka express

Is Bialetti Brikka good?

Yes, Bialetti Brikka makes a great cup of coffee that has a similar taste to espresso. That said, you need to understand how the Moka pot works in order to make a rich cup of coffee with espresso crema.

Can Bialetti Brikka go in the dishwasher?

brikka espresso makers

Yes, you can put the Bialetti in the dishwasher or just wash it with soapy water. That being said, if it does get rust spots or discoloration, you will have to soak it with vinegar and salt before rinsing again.

Last Thoughts

So Which Moka Pot Is Better? Both The Moka Express and the Bialetti Brikka are excellent options if you’re looking to brew a single cup of coffee.

The Express can make delicious espresso but takes longer to brew. The Brikka has all the features of an espresso maker at a more affordable price, and it makes your cup of coffee in no time!

If you’re not sure which one suits you best, you can try both of these machines and decide the best for your kitchen! We hope this article was helpful! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts!


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